Thursday, 25 October 2012

Japanese One-Day School

We had a lovely Saturday recently when Mina Urasawa, the owner of beautiful Florist Pousse in Kyoto, brought to London a group of Flower Enthusiasts who had specially requested a day with Paula learning about current Autumnal trends.

Autumnal ceramic gourd and pumpkin vase arrangements filled with Teddy Sunflowers, Physalis and Dill

A tall vase arrangement using beautiful Kaleidoscope Orchids

The students enjoyed a well deserved lunch following Paula's demonstrations

A chance to browse through some of Paula's many floristry books

Students in front of Paula's large pedestal arrangement

The students created a vase arrangement using orchids, roses, hips and lilac

Friday, 19 October 2012

St Pauls Church, Knightsbridge

Last week we were asked to decorate St Paul's Church in Knightsbridge for a special service. St Paul’s is an Anglican Church in London’s West End and is one of the most beautiful Victorian churches in London.

We decorated four columns throughout the church

We filled  these with a selection of late summer flowers including hydrangea, roses,  dahlias and a mass of foliages

Our large gold vases fitted perfectly with the church decor

The grand piano was brought to the church specially for the service.

A beautiful arch crammed with hydrangea to greet the congregation

Two bay trees underplanted with scented lilies, jasmine and heathers