Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Flower design - Gangnam style

Du sel brillant Cafe with Mr Park in Gangnam-gu district of Seoul

The trend for purple in the du sell brillant flower Academy

The Spindle berry has been amazing this autumn from Korea to the UK!

Tilansia Moss is perfect with Vanda purple

Such a lovely class and great students!

These Rancunulus are so large that they look almost like Carnations!  

Student Topairies

Hanging Rilona Amaryllis

Sunday, 11 November 2012

POINSETTIA'S AT THE I.C.A in London with six leading British floral designers!


My Vintage design using red poinsettia, dogwood, long rose hips.

Masses of hanging votives and small vases with lot of candles

Rebel Rebel's design with a restoration theme and vintage styling

Love those Poinsettia cookies and retro pots

Designed by Tuff. Modern Poinsettia using white and mirror

Love these light bulb container that Mark Upton of Tuff used in his design

Strong but simple! Love the red Poinsettia in mirror cubes

Simon Lycett designed and upside down Christmas tree with mixed coloursed plants

Ian Lloyd used erygium and wool for his sprakly Christmas

We sealed the ends of the Poinsettia's with a flame before using them as a cut flower

My opulent vintage look with a laden table!

These hanging votives came from Serax and they have been used in so many ways!

Vitnage single stemmed vases from Des Pots

Fresh cranbery ring around my napkins