Thursday, 21 October 2010

Downtown Abbey

It is great to have a good TV historical drama to watch on Sunday evenings in the Autumn and we love all the images of the beautiful Highclere Castle. This castle is one of our favourite venues to decorate and over the years we have designed some very different weddings there!

These lovely bright and colourful images were taken in the summer when we decorated the Castle for a surprise birthday weekend party!  The guests had a great summer weekend in the English country.

DK HOME Crystal candleabras with Morrocan tea lights

Colours inspired by the mid summer

Purple Vanda orchids are great in groups

Small Green apples and Celosia add texture

Any excuse to use Glorosia!

This party had an Alice in Wonderland theme!

The Library at Highclere Castle

Rich grouped colour

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  1. Ciao Paula, tu per me sei un modello da seguire!
    Ho quasi tutti i tuoi libri e sono per me fonte di ispirazione continua. Mi piacerebbe visitassi il mio blog
    Se mai verrò a Londra ti verrò a trovare sicuramente,
    Raffaella da Milano