Monday, 29 April 2013

St. Valentine's Day on 23rd April?!

Saint Jordi or Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia. In Barcelona this is the equivalent of St Valentines Day!

I just happened to be in the Barcelona flower market the day before and was struck by the scent of freshly harvested wheat and barley. The origin of this romantic day commemorates the chivalric tale of Saint George who rescued a Princess from the dragon. The book became part of the tradition because the 23rd of April also commemorated the death of Cervantes, the author of Spain's famous 'Don Quixote' novel.You can find the action in the old town of Barcelona. Book stores fill the streets and lovers amble about arm in arm. The tradition is that the male gives the female a rose and in return she gives him a book. The streets are decorated with the Catalonian red and yellow flag known as the Senyera.

Here are some photo's of my trip to the busy flower market, the day before St Jordi!

Red roses added with wheat for fertility and good health

The spanish flag colours are used in the wrapping

Naomi and Grand Prix imported from The Netherlands were all over the market

There are several good wholesale companies trading at the
Barcelona wholesale market.

Dried flowers were incorporate in the single rose designs

Local Roses

Fresh Wheat

Grand Prix

Novelty dyed roses were also popular

The wholesale market is highly painted


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