Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Demonstration at Dullingham Flower Club

On the 11th November we packed up two vans and swept up the M11 on a wild and windy autumn night to Dullingham which is between Newmarket and Cambridge!
I don't usually have the time to do evening demonstrations for flower clubs but Lesley Bird who organises this club was very persuasive and managed to pack the hall with over a hundred guests. Itwas a fabulous evening and I was helped on stage by Anita and Hisako while my neice Katie efficiently organised the book sales!

Thanks to Lesley Bird and the flower enthusiasts of  Dullingham.
Grateful thanks also to  Waitrose for their sponsorship! - Next demo stop  - San Diego in April!

Anita, Hisako and Paula on stage!

White Amaryllis is a great favourite of mine for the festive season.

A typical Paula Pryke colour combo!
I adore pink and purple together as
any one who has visited our London
Studio will know!

Waxed mini apples in all the colours are inspiring our
Christmas Decorations.

This new luminous wire by
the Smithers Oasis company is
fabulous for corporate flowers!

Festive white and green topiary

Multicoloured Xmas

Birch is such a wonderful and useful wood!

Conical Topiary

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