Friday, 6 May 2011

This is the best time to be in the UK!

"It should have been me!" Well of course you all know that if I had brought trees into the Abbey they would have been pink!

Romance has been in the air and my favourite plant for this season has been Dicentra Spectabilis Bleeding Hearts!

Its  been a great year for the Dandelions! Lack of winds have kept them more intact.

The  Bluebell woods near my home in Suffolk have been spectacular!

The magnificent Horse Chestnuts in our area are struggling from disease but they flowered profusely this Spring.

The calm weather has been bad for reproduction!

As an X-Hay Fever sufferer I  know there are many that will be happy to see this yellow fade!

The first green of Spring is so vibrant. The Hornbeams and Maples in the Westminster Abbey had this glow!


You  just want to bottle it!

Wild orchids in the woods!

Connie (named after Mrs Spry!)

Frustrated Dandelions waiting for the wind!

I can't imagine going through the winter without some ivy berries but here they are about to strangle and kill this ancient Beech.

Blue skies, calm winds, sunny weather - you can't beat Spring in sunny Britain!

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