Thursday, 20 October 2011

Summer Pool Party

This gorgeous event used the beautiful garden roses from
Country Roses in Essex. One of our favourite flower growers.

Summer Luncheon

Garden roses from Country Roses

MInt and Alchemilla are perfect with roses

Petals cover the foam in the straight sided glass  bowl

Lavender was used in this  bowl

Every lunch would have white embrodiered linen napkins in my imaginary world

You can mix any colours together but I advise taking out the white and cream as the eye gets drawn to the light colour

Votives are from Pols Potten; one of our favourite Dutch wholesalers of vases and decorative items

A few sprigs of summery Saponica made it into the flower displays. I love this old fashioned pink flower and it is British grown!

These roses speak for themselves!

Flowering mint is so perfect for lunch

One of two Zinnias made it into these table designs. An underrated flower in my book

Floating flowers in the pool - You need to turn off the filter so you don't do any damage and also the power will blow all the heads to one end of the pool

Flat flowers float best and here I have included some white Pyrethrum daisies - another underrated flower I feel

Dahlias, daisies and blue Scabious

Petals have to be left on the table right at the start of the party or your end up with Pot Pourri!

Paula's tip

I often collect linen on shopping trips abroad. For beautiful embroidered linen in the UK, see the selection

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