Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Wedding inspired by a Rose

This pretty pink wedding took its inspiration from one single rose which appeared on all the stationery. After a Church service guests made their way to a huge double-decker Marquee set in a paddock on a Racing Stud. It had a wonderful pink upstairs bar and disco which was revealed later to the guests and one of the only events I have had the pleasure of decorating that had a 'Bride-only' loo and powder room!

Pew end of Roses, Lisianthus and Astilbe

The Rose that inspired the theme

Candy Bianca, Faith and Barbie roses

Candelabras in the church

Bay trees flank the entrance

Formal arrangements at the entrance to the bar

Topiary trees in drifts of pink aggregate

Patterned votives and petals from Serax

Crystals on the top table

These single votives filled with a rose have pink skeletonised leaves on them

Birch poles were used in the mechanics of the trees

1 metre tall ikon vases filled with cellophane and petals. Mirror is great for creating reflective lighting effects with lots of votives.

Often with large white spaces it is good to have flowers at different heights

Concentric circles of roses for the top table as well as a long arrangement at the front

The view from the top table

Paula's Tip
Lighting candles at events can take an enormous amount of time. Over the years I have purchased thousands of lighters, tapers and matches to do this job. Many of the new style barbecue lighters are great but don't seem to be very good at refilling and so are poor value in the long run.
Recently I have been using the Cricket Deco and it is brilliant. It comes with an extra refill which is easy to use. It has a flexible neck which means it is great for getting down inside votives. Look out for them in supermarkets I buy mine from Tesco's and they cost £4.20 with the refill. No more singed fingers!

Paula's Tip Two
You can buy mirror cut to size from any glass supplier. Recently I have discovered mirror candle plates in my local Tesco's which are perfect for using on mantles and tables. £1.50 each

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